The Things I Do For My Husband

I love my husband with every fiber of my being. We have so much in common while also having nothing in common. My husband is a lover of Legos. Yes, Legos. However, I am not impressed with these tiny torturous building cubes. My husband is the uncle that buys all the children Legos for Christmas or birthdays. The parents in the family are not a fan of these Legos either and I just know they are counting down the days until we have children so they can return the favor and buy our kids these ridiculous torture blocks. I now do all of the shopping for any of the children’s presents with the hopes that I can purchase enough cool presents before my own children that all of the family forgets the many multiple years my husband bought heinous presents for their children. With that said, since I am an amazing wife I bought my husband Brick Universe tickets for Christmas this year along with a Lego coffee mug that he can actually use Legos and build on. I also bought my cousin’s little girl a ticket as part of her Christmas too. In case you don’t know what Brick Universe is, it is a Lego convention. Artists from all over the country build masterpieces out of Legos. I understand that to some people it sounds nerdy, and until yesterday I agreed with you. In true nerd spirit, I purchased matching Lego shirts for my little group to go to Brick Universe. Ya’ll!! Let me tell you how cool this Lego convention was. There was a replica of the Eiffel Tower, Death Star, Batman comic cover and even portraits of celebrities such as Bill Murray, Betty Paige, DeadPool and Iron Man. The best thing I saw all day was the portrait of Freddie Mercury made completely out of Legos. I must say that this convention was more interesting than I originally thought it would be. My husband and the small fry had a blast and so did I. Slowly but surely I am learning to get outside of my comfort zone and try things that may not appeal to me and that sometimes doing things for someone else is truly a rewarding experience.  I am thankful daily that I married a man that teaches me how to appreciate new things!



BFMfreddie mercuryLegolove


Tis’ But a Flesh Wound…

So,  I just started a new job after finishing my degree, three days into work with fifteen minutes left in my day I receive a phone call from my husband. Now, typically this is normal, he just didn’t look at the clock and called early. I hit the decline button and went to text him that I would call him back. Before I could finish my message he was calling again, I was thinking that he sure is needy!!! LOL I silenced that call as well and he called right back, and I knew something was wrong so I ran out to take his call. I answered and he says ” I know you are at work, don’t be alarmed, I am headed to the Emergency Room because I have cut the tip of my finger off.” REALLY??? Don’t be alarmed he says?!?! So, I run back in my office and let my boss know that I need to leave. She understands and I head to the ER to make sure that my clumsy husband is okay.

Upon arrival to the ER, they have taken him back to radiology for and X-ray to make sure he hasn’t hit the bone. Once he makes it back to me the first thing he says is “Please don’t be mad at me,” followed by, “when we leave here can I please have a hamburger from Wendy’s?” Followers of this blog, this man is my soulmate!! We are both foodies and we know that after such a traumatic event that it is imperative to plan a nourishing meal. Moving on… I do tell him that he can have a hamburger from Wendy’s and we go back to see the Physician. We learn that he did not hit the bone, but will need stitches and a Tetanus shot. My husband does not like needles so this was interesting. He did take it like a champ though, and was able to get his Wendy’s burger. Currently we are eating Chinese food and he is having some trouble with the chopsticks since he cut the pointer finger, some things he tries to do have been funny but I do feel bad for him. I am extremely grateful that my this was a minor injury and he was not severely hurt.


I swear we are grown ups…

IMG_0498Today my husband came home with his and hers Nerf guns. Yes, I swear we are adults; ages 30 (me) and 34 (him.) While purchasing Christmas presents we bought one of the nephews Nerf guns with a complete tactical outfit to go with it. This outfit is the Nerf outfit to end all outfits, complete with a vest that will hold over 100 extra bullets, and protective eye wear. I think my husband was jealous that these outfits were not available in adult sizes. Anyway, my husband repeatedly made the statement that we needed Nerf guns so I finally told him to just buy us some. Well, today I sent him to the grocery store to pick up a few items and upon his return he acts like he has one more thing to get out of the vehicle. All of a sudden I am hit, not once but multiple times and my husband is hiding around the corner of our kitchen with a Nerf gun. I immediately begin to object since I had no way to defend myself and he relents. I relax and stop hiding behind the counter. Little did I know he was hiding two mini guns in his pockets and all of a sudden there were more darts flying through the air. At this point literally all I can do is stand here and laugh at my husband. All he says to me is “You told me to buy them, and I got you one too!” Ladies and Gents, this is my husband, my best friend in the entire world and this is our marriage. I pray that our marriage is this fun for as long as we live.

Finally Married

So, you all know how we met, and I told you about our sweet house we bought, let me tell you about our wedding. It was something out of a movie or television show.. OH WAIT! We were actually on a show for our wedding! So here is how it happened; readers buckle up for an adventure! I did not want a wedding, I had previously been a bridesmaid in SEVEN weddings. Saying that I was over weddings was an understatement but I still wanted to be married, just without any of the hassle. My future husband thought that I would regret not having a wedding and pictures of the same.  So together we decided we would have a wedding with just the two of us.  I picked out a chapel in Los Angeles (Remember, this is where my ring was.)  The chapel we chose was Albertson Wedding Chapel in Los Angeles.  We called, and booked a date; included in our wedding package was the license, the officiant, the photography/videography, hair and makeup. I literally didn’t have to do anything to get ready for this wedding except purchase my dress and shoes and then show up. I could not have asked for a better venue in which to get married. The entire staff was extra friendly and made sure that both my husband and I were extremely comfortable. If you want to elope and still have a classy feel I would suggest this place. Even if you don’t elope and want a full-blown wedding in the Los Angeles Area, choose this place! You will be super glad you did!  Go in and have a look at the options that you can choose from. This was quick, easy, and most of all it was so much fun! They also offer a live stream option for your wedding for the family and friends that can’t make it. We loved it so much that when we renew vows someday we are going to go back to this exact location!

Fast forward to the week prior to our wedding, my future husband gets a phone call while sitting at the doctor’s office from someone claiming they are with a production company in L.A. and that they were shooting a documentary about chapel weddings and the shift away from traditional weddings. They asked if they could film our wedding for the documentary. My future husband told them he didn’t care but that his bride to be was the one they needed to talk to.  Tye called to inform me that some stranger would be calling me shortly and why. I immediately thought we were getting punked and accused him of messing with me. However, about twenty minutes later I received a call from a Tanya Faber, who is a producer with Fulwell 73. She worked with us to hash out all of the details and we agree to let this production company film our wedding  for their documentary. Since we agreed to this extra “hassle” they offered to pay for our wedding in full, as well as arranged for a car service to transport us from our hotel to the wedding venue. Little did they know we would have done it just for the story.

Needless to say, we were both pumped about this exciting news and that we were going to be featured in a documentary. We finally arrived in Los Angeles after what seemed to be the longest week of our lives. We picked up my new wedding ring set and began to check out the sights of Los Angeles. On the morning of our wedding  we went for a couples massage and then headed back to the hotel to shower and generally get ready. The car service picked me up first since I had to be there well before Tye for hair and makeup. Tanya came with me and brought Mimosas. As a I sat in the chair and got my hair and makeup done I begin to realize my life will forever be changed in just a few hours and I couldn’t be happier. It was finally time for us to get married and as I walked down the aisle, the officiant stopped me halfway and my soon to be husband came to take my hand and escorted me the rest of the way. In that moment I know that I have made the best decision of my life. We made it through the ceremony, vows exchanged, I cried, Tye cried and finally WE WERE MARRIED! However, that is not the end of this story, once the officiant pronounces us man and wife he asked to audience to stand, which was odd because there wasn’t supposed to be and audience. When we turned to look guess who we see?!?!? MEGAN MULLALLY AND NICK OFFERMAN!!!! Now, for those who don’t know that is Karen from Will and Grace and Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec.

Now, Let’s fast forward again (there are a lot of small details that I don’t feel like you will care about.) Nick and Megan have set us up a reception outside of the venue. I saw this tent outside when I arrived and Tanya (who, at this point I have discovered is really Taya) informed me that it was just a tent for an upcoming car show and had nothing to do with us nor would be in the way of my wedding. Inside this tent were more producers and Stephanie (she sings with Megan in their band Nancy and Beth.) We were serenaded by Megan, Stephanie and Nick, for our first dance. Then were given an amazing cake and we were toasted by Nick. All the while shooting different scenes. I only know we are shooting scenes because we kept stopping over and over. Finally, I asked what was going on and Taya tells me that we are shooting an episode of Carpool Karaoke with Megan and Nick! I almost fell out because Carpool Karaoke is my favorite. It was unbelievable, I thought I was dreaming but it was all real. Hands down this is the best wedding story ever for so many reasons. I married my best friend, met two amazing actors, AND had a chance to be on one of my favorite shows!

Megan also invited us to a taping of Will and Grace. That story is up next! Stay Tuned!

Check out our Carpool Karaoke episode here:

And check out some pictures below!





DSC_9698megan and nick 1megan and nick 2megan and nick 3

Our Story Continued…

So now everyone knows how we met…Let’s continue the story to the big stuff. We continued dating (obviously) and bought a house together in December 2017. I know to some it might seem quick but our situation was a little different. Remember, that I lived in Hattiesburg and Tye lived in Mobile at the time. So we bought a house in Mobile that we absolutely loved. This was an amazing time for both of us. I was so in love with Tye and our home (still am.) I couldn’t wait to make this ours. This was a life that I didn’t think I ever wanted, then I found Tye and it’s the only life I now want. We made a giant list of everything we wanted to do to our house and we continue to work on it. Now, there is nothing at all wrong with our house but we wanted new stuff. New paint, new door locks, new floors etc. Buying a house is a work in progress ALL THE TIME, it never ends. So, we bought the house in December and started re-painting and stuff. I stayed in Mississippi during the week (because of school and work) and went home to Mobile on Fridays. Again, to some its weird because we bought and did this together but this is our story and it works for us. We knew when we made this step together that we were going to get married, we just did things a little out-of-order. One day at work I was looking at rings online and I found one I absolutely adored and it could be made in the size I needed ( I have large fingers for a lady, don’t laugh). I sent it to Tye and he liked it also. Then I realized the kicker…. The ring shop was located in LOS ANGELES!

Well, I informed Tye where this was located and to my surprise it was no big deal. He said we would take a vacation a go get the ring. So we booked a flight, hotel and planned this trip to pick up an engagement ring. At some point during one of our conversations Tye tells me, “I want to marry you when we go to Los Angeles, what do you think?” Well obviously I told him yes. We were going to pick up my ring, did he really think I would say NO?!

Next time we will continue the story of wedding planning and finally the best trip of my life!




Last night as I was talking with my husband our conversation went like this:

Me: Baby, I just said I can’t reach the remote, will you please hand it to me?

Tye: I know, because your arms are short

Me: Like a T-Rex

Tye- Mimics a dinosaur roar for ten minute. 

This, friends is why I married this man. I laugh constantly with him and there is literally never a dull moment at our house.

dinosaur statue
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How I Met My Husband

In April of 2017, I was a single 29-year-old female working two jobs and putting herself through college. Two jobs and school leaves little room for a social life so I turned to…. online dating, Tinder, to be exact (I am sure you all saw that one coming.) A relationship wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I just wanted someone to hang out with, dinner, drinks, movies etc, more importantly someone who paid for all of that because tuition is expensive. Fast forward and I swiped right on Tye (now my husband) he didn’t look anything like guys I dated in the past but there was something that drew me to him so I swiped right. Lucky for me Tye had swiped right too! IT WAS A SIGN! Just kidding! He messaged me pretty quickly after we both swiped, I gave him my number because I didn’t want to miss a message from him but I often felt weird checking Tinder on my lunch break, or between classes. He asked me on a date and we agreed on Half Shell Oyster House. Little did I know that this date would change my life forever! ( I know its cheesy, but it’s so true. It’s okay to gag here, I would too if I was you.) He lived in Mobile but was from Columbia, and I lived in Hattiesburg. It seemed like it would be a challenge to start a relationship with someone who didn’t live near me, but I figured I would give it a shot. At the very least I was going to get dinner and a drink out of the deal, right?

Dinner was amazing, drinks were amazing, conversation was even amazing. We literally talked the entire time, no awkward silences! We decided to go see a movie after. Which was nice. He drove me home. Yes, I let him pick me up. Have no fear, I turned on my find and friend and let two separate friends know where I was going and who I was with. SIDE NOTE: Ladies, dating is hard, and awkward so if you choose online dating please be smart about this! Always let someone know who you are going with, where you are going, establish a code word if you need to bolt and always check in. I know it seems extreme and why even date this way if this is what you have to do. I asked myself the same question but I just didn’t have time to meet someone any other way. So back to my original thought, BE SAFE! I know many girls who have used these tips during their online dating struggles and they work wonderfully! So good luck! When he took me home he didn’t ask to come in or anything, he politely hugged me, kissed me goodnight and told me he would let me know when he got home because it was late. There was something about this date that told me this was the man I was going to marry!



Stay tuned to hear about our shenanigans and wedding story!